The Lord IS here ...His spirit IS with us!!


It has been an amazing lead up to Easter Day!

Part of the preparation for this holiest of Christian seasons was the thought-provoking Lent Course led by Reverend Carol Hayden. Thank you to our wonderful priest ...and to all those who stepped outside of their usual routine and found that ‘beyond our comfort zone’ was a good place to be!

After a powerful sermon on Palm Sunday – and the annual public meeting (APCM) which followed on from the joint morning service - the emotion of Holy Week was truly experienced and celebrated in Walmsley Parish.

Thank you to Reverend Carol for your part in the many devotional services and events throughout Holy Week:

  • The Chrism Mass and renewal of vows at Manchester Cathedral on the Monday morning of Holy Week;

  • The two Eucharist Services held at the High Altar on the evenings of Monday and Wednesday at Christ Church Walmsley, with inspirational reflections from Reverend Carol;

  • The Agape supper with delicious food and wonderful fellowship at St.Andrew’s ;

  • The Stripping of the Altar & Eucharist on Maundy Thursday morning;

  • The Turton Moorland Team Service held at St. Anne’s on Maundy Thursday evening;

  • The starkly brutal ‘Stations of the Cross’, depicted and narrated so potently by Reverend Carol on Good Friday morning;

  • The final hour of silent prayer and waiting on Good Friday afternoon;

  • The culmination of Holy Week with the joyous Service on the eve of Easter, when the Paschal Candle was lit from the Easter Fire by our Sacristan, Derek Bailey, and the light of Christ was brought into Church in preparation for the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Day.



I’m sure that for those of you who made time in your week to attend any – or all – of these devotions, it was a time of spiritual and emotional uplifting so powerful that it was tangible! It was an intense pleasure and privilege to be part of it.

AND ON EASTER MORNING: Two hundred of us gathered at the two morning services to worship, to give thanks for and to celebrate Christ's Risen Life. ALLELUIA!!

The Lord IS here ...His spirit IS with us!!


Thank you to the wonderful ladies of the Flower 'Team', led by Edna and Kath, who gave their skills and time to create the beautifully decorated church following six weeks during Lent without any floral displays.

Donations in memory of loved ones were given as follows: 

Lewis Anderson; Gerald & Kathleen Ashmore; David Barton; Edith & Tom Barrett; Edna & John Buttle; Norman Cunliffe;

Clifford & Vera Dent; Tom Dover; Kathleen & Charles Ennion; Robert Grieve; Irene & William Hitchen; Ruth Holt;

Peter Hudson; Tom Isherwood; Flo & Maurice Jones; Ann Kearney; Doris & Stanley Kirkman; Bert Knowles; Len;

Barry Lister; Reg Lomax; Bill Moss; Maurice, Monica & William Murphy; Christopher O'Grady; Alan Rostron;

Lillian & James Rushton; Dorothy Stuttard; Mollie & Jack Woods;


Donations also received from: Sheila Fairclough; Anne & Chris Jamieson; Jo & Stephen Woods.

After the 9.30am Easter Communion Service, the children enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt in Christ Church Walmsley ...and met the Easter Bunny!! Thank you to all those who took part, and a very special 'Thank you' to Wendy, Anne & team who organised this; it was very much enjoyed by all the children following a really lovely service.


(Thank you to the Mums who sent these two lovely photos)

Dawn Hitchen (Church Warden)