1. Description of proposal

Please give a brief description of the proposed action, purchase or project


Gradual refurbishment of Walmsley (Community) Parish Hall & Theatre. (See below for more detail.)


  1. Proposer

Please give the name of the person, or organisation, submitting the proposal


Mrs. Dawn Hitchen, Mrs. Jane Dent & Reverend Carol Hayden.


  1. Meeting Parish objectives

How will the proposal support or enhance the PCC’s mission, aims or objectives? Please refer to the Mission Statement overleaf, as appropriate.


It will breath new life into a building which is very frequently used by many members of the local community, but which has suffered neglect over time and is in urgent need of repair to bring it back to even better than its former glory.


  1. Supporting others

How will the proposal benefit the community in general, other community groups or individuals not directly connected to the Parish?


This will provide the perfect venue for Community events: large and small.

We propose to hold Luncheon Clubs for the lonely and vulnerable in our locality; meeting places for young families. Our vision is to make this building a welcoming hub of activity in our area.


  1. Financial implications

What will be the initial cost of the proposal (eg purchase price), will there be any ongoing or other maintenance costs (or consequent savings), and how is it intended to fund these? Please provide full financial details of the proposal.


Initially, we are looking to repair the external aspect of the Parish Hall. Our Church Architects, who will provide a ‘full service’ [ie. the planning and project managing], in an effort to offer some cost control and certainty to the Church, are happy to propose a fixed lump sum of £10,500.00 + VAT for a value of works up to £125,000.00.


  1. Other policy implications

Will the proposal have any implications in terms of safeguarding, health and safety or other PCC policies?


It will be of huge benefit to the standing of the PCC at Christ Church Walmsley if we can improve the appearance and desirability of use of this magnificent Parish Hall in the heart of our Community. 




Attached PID document for reference