Christ the King celebrates the all embracing authority and spiritual power of Christ.

Our service on the feast of Christ the King, began with a wonderful extended procession of our choir, clergy and 24 children and adults all wearing crowns bearing one of the many names of Jesus..... Friend, Messiah, Teacher, Priest, Shepherd etc... 

Our focus in the service was on the following names.


Bread of Life:


& Alpha and Omega:  

The children's drama  reminded us too, that He is also Christ, the Son of God and the One we await once again in our preparations for Advent and in His coming at Christmas.

We also said farewell to our beloved Doreen Sykes after 27 years in Egerton.  We shall miss her greatly.


We move now into the season of Advent, with the song of Christ the King in our hearts. Amen.

Our choir:

A very special Eucharist Helper today:

A Kingly (and Queenly) Offertory Collection:

Special birthdays:

A views of some of our 'crowned' children in church:

And Reverend Karen Lund ... :o)

(Photos by Shelley Orrell & Dawn Hitchen)

And, in case you are wondering, here are all the names which appeared on the crowns:

Names of Jesus

Alpha - Bread - Messiah - Sovereign - Mighty - Redeemer

Emmanuel - Anointed - Creator - Holy - Life - Rock - Advocate

Guide - Shepherd - Master - Bridegroom - Branch - Truth - Name

Son - Counsellor - Servant - Vine - Door - Wisdom - Everlasting

Mediator - Love - Saviour - Comforter - Way - Friend - Lord

Sacrifice - King - Cornerstone - Star - Temple - Treasure - Judge

Word - Deliverer - Prophet - Prince - Ruler - Teacher - Light - Priest

Christ - God - Lamb 

(Sourced by Jenny Murphy; thank you.)