We had a truly fun time at our Family PET service in September; it was exciting and all our pets were beautifully well-behaved.

What better way to thank God for our lovely pets than to join together with them as a community in church. It was brilliant to see people, some of whom wouldn’t normally attend church, coming along for the special Pet Service. The love for our pets was very evident: the atmosphere was electric!

We sang accompanied by our lovely church worship group and praised together sharing the story of Noah and the Ark. Our children wore animal masks and all stood up two by two.

Finally each pet was invited by Reverend Karen to the altar to receive a blessing and a certificate.

Pets are an important part of our family lives so being able to share them - and that love - with each other was a really special moment.
We are hoping that many other churches in our community follow our idea and we very much look forward to our next one.
(…And luckily we had no embarrassing accidents!) 

Article and photos by Jacob Berry, Dawn Berry & Shelly Orrell.

Christ Church Pet Service - September 2016