Walmsley Parish Focus MagazineIt is a great honour and privilege to welcome you to this Edition of Focus. Its a valuable resource for all parishioners, and I hope you notice that there are a few new features.

Every edition we’ll highlight a member of the community in our series: “This Time Tomorrow.” The hope is that we’ll get to know each other a little better. As I’m new to you all, I’ll be kicking off the series.


There’s also a Kindness Calendar with ideas on how to get busy being kind. Research shows that practicing kindness and gratitude helps us build stronger connections with others, improves our health and increases our happiness. Please let me know how you get on.


Please feel free to contribute ideas and content. This is YOUR magazine. Your articles, recommendations, recipes, prayers and feedback are gratefully received and appreciated.


I hope this edition meets your expectations.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, in particular Dawn, Jane, Amanda, Andy, David and Rev’d Carol for your invaluable advice and support.


Please click here to download the latest copy.

All the best


Focus Magazine Editor.

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